Memeland User's Code of Conduct and Community Guidelines
Dear User,

We are doing our best to keep the balance between your desire to self-expression and the avoidance of any harm to other users.

That's why we have created a comprehensive set of rules that detail exactly what is allowed and what is prohibited on Memeland (any rule regulating the content prohibitions/allowance shall also apply to comments).

Please keep in mind, that some of your uploads that fall into the following categories may be restricted only to view by registered Accounts with no public availability for guest users and shall be labeled correspondingly (e.g. NSFW).

Accounts, comments and uploads that violate these standards will be removed from Memeland. You further acknowledge that any such violation may lead to an investigation by applicable law enforcement authorities regarding your content/comments and/or other use of the Memeland services.

I. Nudity and Pornography

The following content categories are prohibited:

  • Almost any form of pornography or nudity, photographed or illustrated, even if it is cropped or censored, in a sexual or porny nature.

The following content categories shall be evaluated case-by-case (it could be deemed humorous and categorized as NSFW, otherwise it shall be banned from Memeland):

  • Censored nudity explicitly relevant to entry subject

  • Sufficiently obscured bulges not in a sensual context

  • Sexually explicit language, gestures, expressions

  • Mild illustrated gore

  • Racist, sexist or homophobic content only if it is essential

  • Fetish, gross or shock imageries that aren't porny, violent or gory

When it comes to nudity, images are allowed as long as it's something that can be seen on a Major Daytime TV or in PG-16 / Mature Games (such category shall be labeled as NSFW accordingly).

However, keep in mind that genitals and sexual activities are prohibited.

II. Minors and Personal Information

The following content categories are prohibited:

  • Any content that sexualizes or depicts minor(s) or characters that appear as such in suggestive manners;

  • Any content that discloses personally identifiable information of a private individual and/or minor;

  • Sexually suggestive images of characters or people who appear underaged;

  • Disclosure of personally identifiable information or defamation of minor subjects, including extreme cyberbullying.

However, persons under the age of 18 appearing in the content are allowed only if they are clothed.

III. Anime & Illustrations

The same rules for nudity and pornography (section 1 above) and minors and personal information (section 2 above) also apply to animations and drawings of people, animals or creatures (including furry content).

IV. Drugs

Drugs depictions is generally allowed but only if there is a funny/meme context. Any solicitation/provocation/encouragement and/or selling of illegal contraband materials and narcotics are prohibited.

V. Harassment

The following content categories are prohibited:

  • Uploads that may directly insult, demean, threaten, bully, harm or humiliate: any user/person, their family or any group of people, including disclosure of personally identifiable information of anyone without such person's consent;

  • Unwarranted obscenity (racist, sexist, transphobic or homophobic content).

However, there are some exceptions:

  • You are free to make jokes/memes about taboo subjects (e.g. suffering, death, religion, sex, gender, tragedies, mass shootings, natural disasters, politics, disabilities, sexuality, etc) only if these jokes/memes are not aimed to harass a specific user. Also, these uploads cannot include graphic material of Gore & Violent Content (as detailed below).

  • You may single out public figures by name, if your commentary does not violate other rules of this Code of Conduct.

VI. Politics and Hate Speech

The following content categories are prohibited:

  • Any calls for political violence;

  • Acts to recruit users into their violent political movement;

  • Usage of political symbols and harmful historical imagery aimed to cause any type of moral damage to specific religious, racial, ethnic, cultural group (e.g. swastikas, Hitler, Confederate generals and politicians, harmful/humiliate depict of animals that are important to specific group, etc);

  • Claims about a group's religious, racial, ethnic, cultural, physical or intellectual superiority or inferiority.

However, historical photos with no gore or nudity are allowed.

VII. Gore & Violent Content

The following content categories are prohibited:

  • Borderline content that may be considered explicitly sensual or provocative in nature;

  • Violent gore and shock images, censored or uncensored, real-life or fiction (including, illustrations).

VIII. Health Related Content

The spreading of fake information about viruses/diseases aimed to cause panic amongst or harm to users is prohibited;

However, jokes/memes about quarantine or containing actual facts from official government sources or CDC that does not violate other rules of this Code of Conduct are allowed.

If you have any questions about these guidelines please contact